Ragu's Tasteless Commercial


In the newest Ragu commercial, a young boy barges into his parents' bedroom without knocking. We don't see what he sees, but the cringe on his face and wide eyes tell us enough. This boy catches his parents in the act and walks away in shock.

"Parents in bed, but it's just eight o'clock; that's why they taught, you should always knock," a singer tells us. "He needs Ragu, 'cause growin' up's tough. Give him Ragu, he's been through enough." The parents then give him a plateful of spaghetti to calm him down. The Ragu is supposed to make him feel better. It's all part of Ragu's "Long Day of Childhood Calls for America's Favorite Pasta Sauce" campaign.

This entire ad not only makes someone lose their appetite, but Ragu is also being irresponsible in their new campaign. Instead of being helpful, it is harmful to children in the name of so-called humor. The Ragu commercial is inappropriate and tacky. The commercial has aired during the Olympics when families are likely watching.


Please send Ragu (Unilever) an email letter urging them to no longer air offensive commercials and to pull their newest "Long Day of Childhood" ad immediately.


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