Mattel Considering Kardashian Barbie


Worst Barbie Doll Idea Ever!

Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have teamed up with Barbie to launch their own line of limited-edition dolls. "The dolls will reflect the girls' measurements and may even come in Kardashian-designed outfits," a source told New York Post.

Children should not be influenced by toys that idolize lifestyles that lack morals and values. These reality stars are not the example our young girls need. Beyond being materialistic and superficial, it is a fact that a sex tape led the sisters to fame and fortune. The 72-day marriage, multiple divorces, and multiple children (Kourtney pregnant with second child now) out of wedlock are completely inappropriate role models for children.

Scenes and topics of discussion on their reality show(s) include:

•    Nude yoga with a nude male yoga instructor
•    Modeling in Playboy Magazine which gives mother the idea to model nude in pictures as a gift to her husband
•    Discussion of sexual bondage
•    Watching porn on their computers
•    Suggestions of a three-some
•    Excess alcohol consumption which leads to violence
•    Arrest for DUI
•    Married Kim strips in front of male friend to see if he looks at her to determine if he is gay or not
•    Huge fights between siblings
•    High volume of foul language

This material is completely inappropriate for television and as the basis for a child's toy. Can you imagine if your daughter sees a Barbie commercial or a doll on the store shelves for a porn star? Or worse your child receives this toy as a gift at her birthday party!


Urge Mattel to reverse their decision to partner with the Kardashian brand by sending them an email now. Let Mattel know that if they produce these limited-edition Barbie dolls then you will no longer buy Barbie or Mattel products and will gladly give your business to toy manufacturers that have the children's best interest in mind. Mattel should back out when they are slammed with emails from angry parents about their making a porn star doll for young girls.


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