Icing Store Promotes 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


If you are not familiar with Claire's Stores, Inc., they carry a jewelry and accessory line that caters to teens and tweens. They offer ear piercing which can draw in an even younger customer. Claire's and Icing stores, another establishment owned by Claire's Stores, Inc., are popular among young girls and teenagers and are found in malls all across the country.

Icing is now carrying an accessory line based on the vulgar and sexually explicit book, "Fifty Shades of Grey," which is inappropriate and completely out of line for any age. The company is using the trashy "Fifty Shades" brand to appeal to trend-conscious young ladies. They are selling iphone covers, CD's and keychains with the "Fifty Shades of Grey" logo and artwork.

Another inappropriate item Icing has on their shelves currently is their "Fifty Shades of Grey" jewelry line that includes earrings and bracelets made of tiny handcuffs, chains and keys. Attempting to make sex and bondage cool and profiting by it is wrong when teenagers are frequently visiting the store. Older teens may be their target market, but many tweens enter their stores and are influenced by these items as well.

Icing store claims to cater to teens 18+ and up. It is no secret that tweens and teens shop in Icing's trendy jewelry stores. Icing stores may attempt to be geared to an older demographic but obviously won't deny younger customers from entering the store since they do not card at the door. It would be a false statement to say 14 to 17 year-olds do not shop in their Icing stores when I have witnessed it myself.

Icing's Facebook comment in response to the concern for marketing this product:

"Thanks for sending us your thoughts. We love our customers and always want to hear what is on your mind. Our Icing stores are targeted to appeal to young women ages 18 and up. We choose our fabulous jewelry and accessories carefully and hope we can inspire her, cause her to smile and help her say something about herself. We do hope to see you in our stores soon."

Icing is making money off teenagers who are purchasing these items with sexual innuendos so they can fit in. This fashion statement is unacceptable for any age, older teens included. Icing is marketing merchandise that promotes promiscuity and sinful behavior.


Please send an email letter urging Icing (Claire's Stores, Inc.) to remove the entire "Fifty Shades of Grey" line/collection from their shelves immediately.

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